Systemic Transition 


We human beings are spirit embodied structure. Spirit refers to transformation, not to transcendence of the physical body. Systemic Transition’s interest does not concern a hereafter. It is about living a good life now, here on earth, together with this source, in connection with the primal source of all beings.

The word ‘Systemic’ points out the qi of the structure of a human being or human beings as a group. Though speaking of dense qi, the manifestation of merged qi and ingrained patterns is not monolithic. An indiscriminate mixing with less dense qi of complex layered energetic and formless spiritual qi is continuously going on. One can say that we are cybernetic creatures. A continual feedback from different layers and parts is happening within the inner organization as well through interactions with the environment. We all are interconnected and give each other feedback.

Evidence-based practice means with objective scientific evidence it has been proven to be best practice. The ebp concepts represent very simple models of the reality of practice based evidence (pbe). Living as a human being here & now means being part of a certain area. Perhaps you are working in an organization which has adopted a vision and mission and short term goals to achieve, but on the other hand doesn’t know anything about the problems you and your colleagues have to face because of many conflicting messages you receive, with one negating the other. Because of your position within a system of a system and being ignorant you cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it, nor come out of the situation. It is an absurd situation and nobody has a solution because it is a special kind of communication that has been integrated in the structure, so it’s part of the culture. Together with other participants you do your best to obey the rules but because this is impossible due to being double bind, it creates spheres and certain conflicting way of living but the driving forces are on the unconscious level. People are not aware of this creation of a parallel existence of an elusive world. The flow of information is very real vitality that is constantly infusing into deeper layers than the superficial level of human beings. When thinking within the ideal of ebp is dominating too much, it creates imbalances of the energetic flow within people. One can say that the striving of controlling aspects which is yang are penetrating too excessive. The natural effect of too much yang in the wholeness is depletion of the yin, in this case the intrinsic natural feeding aspects of human beings. I am speaking here of prenatal and postnatal vitality. What we have learned in life in the process of thinking and doing has been integrated and has become part of our nature. For example professional knowledge and abilities. The application works wonders when you are free to do so and you can learn further from what you have added because you get constructive feedback (which not implies only positive).  Instead of depleting this is inducing vitality for all participants. This means the internal energetic flow of body, qi and mind is balanced and all very human. This natural phenomenon of internal qi flow is working the same way within organizations. The features are comparable.

Let me explain further: Because practice based evidence concerns real life experience, so real people are involved, you will feel all kinds of information in your body. But because our knowledge about feelings is underdeveloped area, most of us do not understand much about the own feelings. The only thing we have learned is which sensations, emotions and impulses are wanted and which are not. Children are brainwashed how to behave in order to get what they want, but this concerns mainly the material level. Human being’s consciousness is the highest developed of all creatures (we know of) from the universe, but is still unaware of the true meaning of the expressions other than the narrative and calculating expressions of the yang part of the brain (mostly the left hemisphere). “How is that possible?”  To explain this immaturity I have to go back in history. The creator of stories by filtering, analyzing and sorting the information perceived via the senses and what it has received from more yin parts of the brain about here & now in time/space oneness, is the natural superior, because it is the ultimate decision maker. The last thought and action is the truth, so the yang part is the creator of reality. But ages ago intelligent male human beings have judged and stated from this yang part to the whole that it is the only part we must rely on when we want to know the truth about humans and the world. However, this interpretation of the word ‘superior’ is a misunderstanding about how our beautiful nature is working. Simultaneously with this decision to use only a very little part of our being a split between yang and yin has been created, which is not a very healthy thing to do when you take the information of the restricted area as fundamental truth about life itself. Schools have been teaching for ages this way of limited thinking to the children. The extracts taken from the outer world must have been obtained objectively otherwise the results of the research are not valid nor reliable. Human beings as subjects are not involved within this superior knowledge area. Making a split between two parts which are inseparable and using the judging mind to find the ultimate truth within a very tiny part of existence is going on for ages. This kind of life has led to fragmentation that has culminated into numerous enclosed parts which are all working separately. Each part is living on an island and is responsible for controlling human being lives from a distance. So the controlling aspects are coming from all directions. This is the present state of being how we have organized our society. This overcontrolling has become structural. It is cultural communication. A habit which is born from the cartesian view which is still working until the present. It has become integrated and assimilated in the tissue so it has become all natural but it is not our true nature at all! In fact this strong underlying believe is the greatest misunderstanding about our true Self, but at the moment it is the driving force which is ruling our lives. First we have to face that we have denied most important information and still do because of the adopted concept of superior and inferior parts of human beings. Only when we acknowledge the intelligence of all parts of our being we can change and become wholeness again.

Without the yin the yang cannot exists. But because we have created a strong believe in the superiority of this rational analytic yang part, the information coming from older more yin parts of the mammalian brain of the right hemisphere even more deeper layered subcortical zones from the primitive structure which expresses our natural instincts are not familiar. We are ignorant about this part of our own nature. And ignorance is the reason why we ignore the information we receive. Because the energy management system of the body is economic in nature the qi will withdraw naturally, but it is still within the body when the information is meaningful for the present. Working within an environment where the overacting of the yang aspects has eventually been transformed into an almost unimpeded creation of conflicting messages coming from various parts of the enormous bureaucratic system means that nobody can live a healthy life as a true human being. Being part of this way of thinking and living you have to adapt. Being on the management side and part of the bureaucratic level you are enclosed in the world of numbers and labels. Being on the operational level you have to use the survival mechanism all the time. This is very stressful and it depletes qi, but unaware of what really is going on people keep thinking this is a normal way of living because they do not know otherwise. Children are born within this distorted culture. Stuck in ignorance kind of thinking the vitality depleting way of living has become part of our nature. It feels very natural but it is not our true nature but just a very little part we are living now. When we keep being unaware of deeper layered conflicting communication intra and inter (between people) the destruction of our true nature will go on. When we want to get a healthy life we have to face that the creation of split levels between body (actor of actions and medium of feelings) and  mind (thinker who does the thinking) has created an unhealthy way of living on micro meso and macro level. We are alienated from our own being. 

What we understand today is not a macro-view of life, but merely an expression of life phenomena. Life is beyond measurement and quantification. Our ordinary consciousness can reflect the world around us, but cannot understand it. “Why?” Because man places himself in a relationship of part to whole, even though his body and mind form a unity.

In any case, human beings are not included when researchers explore the 3-dimensional world that can be measured and proven to be true. It is all about matter. Dense qi, static or moving, it all becomes static in our minds. In the past something has been observed, measured and judged by experts. The outcomes are transformed into symbols, numbers, digits and categorized. The brain work is done by human beings with the assistance of information and communication technologies. Because of the tremendous speed and exactness of the calculations we totally rely on them. On the superficial level the final conclusions look very real. Like hardware. Exact, precise. This delusion about life covers up the underlying massive restrictions we have set ourselves in order to get a better life. But with restricted mindsets and rigid attitudes we have created alienation from the essence of life. Within scientific processes which have been started to find out the truth, human being’s nature is not welcome at all. 
“How on earth can we learn about ourselves while living life together with others whereas we as human beings are out of the games we play?”.  

Meanwhile we keep taken the scientific products as a blueprint for life itself. The inherent mechanical thinking has created a kind of ‘thingness’ in our minds. This picture of life as an object, an IT, even when it concerns a human being, works unconsciously as a filter. Our vitality of form and formless qi of our mindset is far from open. It has been infected with prejudice but we deny this materialism of adopted thoughts and ideas about human beings and the world. Our focus goes towards the subject of our interest. We naturally merge with it. But because we have learned to take other information than visible material and reason not very seriously, we become less aware of the information which emerges as vibes, sensations, feelings, emotions, or when we do feel it we often do not know where it comes from and why. Mostly we want to get rid of it. In order to get reliable and valid results we have to put down expressions coming from the mammalian brain (limbic system of the midbrain) and those of even more deeper layers, which are called instincts. So we ourselves have created with our conscious mind this separation between important and less important information. We only want to see and hear the contents of chosen information. Not very analogue but most digital. With a narrowed vision focused on a strictly limited area of (parts of) a subject such as a human being, the relation becomes an I related to an IT. The mind of the observer forms pictures. Human being’s reason and pictures transform subjects into objects. But this isn’t about understanding life at all! This is what we human beings often (have to) do in real life. And what and how we do builds our character. This is how nature works. 

Here & now is where space & time and our existence, including past & future, meet. This goes beyond 3 dimensional level. We are a wholeness of open system physical body form, more formless qi and most formless qi of mind and spirit, but we ourselves have fragmented and distorted this wholeness. We only use a very little part of our being. Disconnected from important information about here & now, we become autistic and our thinking goes in data. On the other hand, in a weak moment, feelings can suddenly overwhelm us. So we have to stand up and be strong. We have learned to understand life with our logical mind, otherwise it is not real. We trust deeply the algorithms that come out of computers. This greatest misunderstanding about life is ruling our lives now. Stuck in limited thinking and rigid principles, we confirm over and over again the same things that are proven to be true. History repeats itself. But this repetition does not come from some mystical entity. We ourselves have created this iterative mechanical thinking and the re-enactments of learned behavior. We are about to destroy ourselves, because we act as if we are not human but computers. This dehumanizes our nature. Meanwhile we unconsciously project things in the outside world. We are not aware of this mirroring our own shadow, because our conscious mind is still very immature.

Basically, with our human being and world view, it is impossible to perceive the reality here and now truly. It is about time we start understanding the laws of nature instead of following the rules of mechanical thinking. I really believe, when we do understand ourselves, we can and are truly willing to change destructive behavior. With Systemic Transition we can learn about our selves and our inner communication. The intrinsic human compassionate way will restore hope for the future. The destructive way of contemporary constructed cultural system will actually turn into a constructive more refined conscious way of living. 

This phenomenon of destruction, what is really happening all over the world, is a logical outcome of a natural process: what and how we live creates our character. The word character comes from kharássein which means engrave, imprinting. The qi of ideas create patterns. The patterns of very fine qi mark matter. This phenomenon manifests itself into the world as a natural product of reality. Ideas transform into structure. On organizational level of a society we speak of institutionalizing. Manifestation of ideas and combined efforts we call it culture.  

One can say that it’s a fact, that our thinking has become more and more technocratic. With this common worldview we also believe in the manipulability of human beings and society. ‘We can fix things’. Within these delusions of grandeur only two kinds of people exist: the actor who has the grandeur in a certain area and the passive part who wants to be released from his incompetence or misery. The relations within this system are always static, asymmetric and dualistic. One who knows versus one who does not know, so apparently not very equal. Of course, one can have a good relationship with his or her teacher or physician. What I am talking about here is the inattentional consolidation of the split between two poles (an actor and a passive one) by the huge impact that comes from other layers. Information coming  from the quality of the organization and the instruments that are used have enormous influence on human being’s visible and deeper layered invisible behavior.

When we feel something we immediately judge: good or bad. We banish feelings that are not welcome. This behavior is trained. We learn this expelling of unwanted parts to our children. By repeating certain behavior, the information will go into deeper layers and becomes part of procedural memory.  We do not need to think about it anymore. On the other hand, when we do like feelings we want to hold on. How we deal with important information other than the expressions coming from the analytic logical brain is very immature. It’s such a great misunderstanding about life! It is megalomania and sophomoric at the same time.  We do not live as a wholeness when we reject and suppress information that is naturally coming from different sources from within. When we want to develop as a human being we have to take it all!

Friedrich Nietzsche Part 6 of Unpublished Fragments 1 [122]: “How much longer do we continue to disrespect nature and thereby deny that there are forces greater than man? When will we finally come to our senses and confidently restore their freedom? They will love us as faithful servants and voluntarily go wherever the best of ourselves want to go”

We believe life will be good, healthy and happy, when we are living according to scientific standards. With this premise we have to mold our lives into scientific frames of reference. Extra ordinary egos have created a hierarchical system wherein human beings are placed on a lower level than the products of scientists that have lived before us. Not real life but information technology and theories from another time and another place than here and now are in charge. Mechanical systems dominate and control the moment we are living. They restrain our human being’s potential which is ready to become potent and suppress many natural gifts that are already present. How painful that is! We can really feel it in our guts but nobody knows what it is, nor what to do about it.   

Human being’s potential, so vitality that has not evolved yet, is unthinkable. This is natural and logical, because when we do think of it, it already exists in the present. What I want to emphasize here is that we have enclosed ourselves with our created technocratic vision. We are not free anymore because our potential does not have a chance! We stay in an enclosed system and are afraid of other information and energies than the ones we know already. We only lean on information which show familiar phenomena. Often these are copies of extracts taken by experts from a certain place after they have made certain presuppositions about this place to start with. Enhanced memory, comprehensive tactical algorithms, expandable data processing, all are instruments that confirm and consolidate the past. When we keep doing this we definitely cannot evolve to a higher level. It will be even worse: we will destroy ourselves with our own ideals which never will happen, because here and now is always too poor, too bad, or too evil to accept it.  

Systemic Transition acknowledges that the original field in which a child is born can engrave deep traces into the physical body. Every cell is infected with information of the past. Systemic Transition’s method stresses healthy qi flow of the internal organization. The work is about transformation of fixed qi 气 of mostly subconsciously iterative thinking, pictures, emotions, feelings, sensations and actions which are processed automatically, so not fully aware at the moment it takes place. As researchers we do not guide or control in a specific direction. The method is phenomenologically. Things that are important here and now appear spontaneously in the qi field. We let it happen. We, that is researcher (others speak of client) and co-researcher (others speak of therapist) act with love and compassion. Because the researcher wants to solve a problem, parts can be distressed, angry, depressed, miserable, anxious, or feeling painful. Equal to Zhineng Qigong Systemic Transition focusses on the lower states, seeks to understand their laws and processes, and seeks to avoid their limitations. Above these is the qigong state. Here we speak of the Self and Self energies. The co-researcher serves as a model. He/she has learned to stay really centered while being fully aware of what is happening outside. Of course, it is all very human, there will be moments of distraction, but the key-point is the honesty about it. The true Self and Self energies are working very well during this compassionate way of living here & now. This most fine qi merges on the subconscious level with the same formless always existing prenatal energies of the researcher. This special interaction on a deeper level creates space for information and energies like self-confidence, clarity, calmness, caring, curiosity, courage, connectedness and creativity.

Giving time= life to this compassionate way by cooperating, supporting and being very clear about the present, creates an atmosphere in which most rigid and scary parts which exist in frozen internal systems dare to open themselves naturally. Natural recovery of physical and mental problems does not come from restrictions, but from the process of expansion of human consciousness. This open-hearted attitude inspires. The very pure and fine qi 气 of xin  心, which means heart & mind  as one core,  is spiraling upwards. At the same time this process induces qi. This inducing vitality awakens the self-healing function and immediately it is working very well. When human beings start learning about their inner selves, and understand why they act how they act, this will create a deeper knowing. The parts will relax and gradually, or sometimes suddenly, they all will function according to their own nature. All qi in the wholeness will flow fluently. This unimpeded flow is the manifestation of great health. And with this condition we can expand further to the most broadest sense of the term: Great Health.  

Great Health on macro level.

The same principles about our own nature and care and cure applies equally to the restoration of the earth. The new age in which we are living now is called Anthropocene. There is no doubt that the Earth has become a human planet. We determine how rivers flow, where agricultural crops grow, and where ‘unspoiled nature’ is allowed to remain. We live in an era where we have to face the Earth’s climate and atmosphere which are affected by all human activity over 11 millennia of the Holocene. Our human nature will be the cure.

But just like Albert Einstein I am convinced: “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem”

When we want to solve problems with the same thinking which has created the problems, we will get even more problems. The destruction at micro-, meso- and macro levels will go faster and faster, when we keep searching for solutions within the same constructions and communication of the neurological network which has formed a certain fixed mindset and attitude of the physical body.  The improvement of the world starts with the improvement of self-awareness and cultivation of human being’s consciousness. This can become true by getting access to our own natural sources we are estranged from. It is high time we step out of the comfort zone and reclaim our birthright back. 

The foundation Stichting SkillsTransit uses a twin-track in man’s quest to know himself:

  • Zhineng Qigong learning and practicing embraces the inward seeking approach. The unified body/mind movements strengthen our core bodily and mentally. We transform towards refinement the frame of reference, and become open hearted and free. The meditative state and unified movements in the qi-field, bring body/qi/mind back to a very peaceful relaxed state, similar as in the earliest state of being in the womb, the mother of the universe, but now with a clear and extended conscious mind. Being in this state we connect with our primordial source very naturally. Meanwhile the practitioner is fully aware of the inner and outer world while moving concentrated and consciously. All is oneness.
  • Systemic Transition, development oriented self-research is the other instrument. It is not a therapy and I am not working as a therapist because nothing has to be repaired. It represents a beautiful way of living which we all can learn. Constellation work is used as a powerful technique to make the intangible visible. With this medium we learn about parts which restrict the access to our natural sources and why they are doing this. With love and understanding, but also with clear language about here & now, natural trust in the Self as the true leader will restore. With Self-confidence there is connection with Self-energies e.g. calmness, caring, connectedness, curiosity, clarity and courage. All parts of our essence. When this is the case, internal resistance will naturally vanish. When I am talking about all this, I do not mean static states of being. The process is alive, and transformation is going on. Life is heading towards Great Health.