Liesbeth van Duin:


Other than striving for the unattainable I use my whole potential 智能 to achieve what is possible for the good of human being’s nature

   Systemic Transition is part of the foundation ‘Stichting SkillsTransit’. It’s a method to learn about your inner selves. During the course of my life, it has arisen spontaneously while learning from my experiences. The words ‘systemic transition’ express what it brings about when you work with the method: transition in the whole system. This structural change is the result of interacting and mutually reinforcing developments, most of which take place on invisible layers. Health problems, whether called physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, resolve very naturally, because all qi (vital life force) of the wholeness starts flowing just as nature intends.

The primary objective of Systemic Transition is cultivating qi, by strengthening with the body and refining consciousness through consciousness. The latter requires that previously fixed qi clusters that hinder your life here & now be liberated by relieving them from their burdens.  When these parts show themselves, and then get the recognition they deserve, a healthy process has been started. A human, all-too-human process, but within this work without judging about right or wrong, good or bad. After all, this is about gaining insight in our nature as human beings. An open and respectful attitude is needed, as well being curious about the multiplicity of our being. 

Practical implementation. In order to initiate this natural process to obtain great health, systemic constellation work is used as a powerful technique to make the intangible visible. During individual sessions, the co-researcher (elsewhere: therapist) is asked to serve as a resonance person for parts of the submitted life intention or question. Group sessions with multiple participants who can be asked as a resonance person is also possible. You may have a problem you want to solve, but essentially it is all about how to live from the core of your being. When the heart is closed you do not know what you want. In that case we carefully can start with this important theme of your life. You express your desire by means of a short sentence or loose words. When tongue-tied and lost for words, you can express it by drawings. Next, we start working together and interact with the parts one by one. Then something miraculous follows which cannot be encompassed with only the logical brain. It is an undergoing of experiences of sincere feelings and hearing what each part has to say for him/herself. Be surprised! Gradually you will experience which parts are resistant and why, or where you are continually being misled, away from where you want to go, and why this is happening. Because of the way we as researchers deal with these inner conflicts, these parts become more relaxed and the heart opens bit by bit.  Sometimes or more often something is stressful, painful or chaotic for you, but that is not a bad thing. By remaining respectful and open and especially when you are willing to listen, you will gradually gain more understanding and compassion for all inner parts and vice versa. The open attitude, the loving approach and clear communication here & now works wonders. This healthy feedback from the highest human being’s spirit (true Self) creates trust. When parts are seen and heard they relax during the process. This relaxation will heal the function of each part. All functions start to operate according their original nature. Smoothly, neither overacting nor underperforming. The ability to act and react natural and thus healthy increases and gets stronger. This means that after a new trauma the inner balance quickly will recover. Being aware and relaxation are both the key-points.   This way of life creates a strong core. With a strong core human beings can develop out of the box to a higher level.  Then we will really understand that we are part of the earth and the whole universal nature. With a higher level of consciousness, we will be able to take care of our source. Mother Earth and the Universe will take care of us.

Basic principles of Systemic Transition.
A human being is a unit of layered multitudes.
Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes”.
Our inner world is an inner organization with specific communication of parts. Parallel to our 3 dimensional perception of a being state of parts and their processes, changings are continuously happening through influences from different layers of inner and outer information and energies. Life is flowing, and we human beings, as entities with the highest developed consciousness are part of it. We are holons. The term holon expresses that a whole is also part of a larger whole. All creation is part of the universe. The original qi of the universe is part of all life.
“How can we use this universal qi and inexhaustible source  for all?”  is our main question. Strengthening our bodies and refining our consciousness is the answer. When doing so we awaken human being’s potential. This means we are learning how to do it. This gives hope for the future.

Our nature as human beings
Human beings are the highest form of all developments from this primal qi. The qi of human being’s brain is as pure and fine as this primal qi of nature. The difference is that we have awareness and the prenatal willpower has evolved through merging with other people into postnatal willpower. We can choose. But it is also true that during the evolution we are very estranged from ourselves. Nowadays, it is of all people that some parts, out of self-preservation, must be denied and/or suppressed, while others are forced into excessive roles. As a result, the inner communication has become less healthy. With Systemic Transition we work together as development-oriented researchers to create a healthy attitude towards life. Intra and inter. This work has become necessary, because the human ideal and worldview which has been copied from our ancestors, has turned out to be a very technocratic frame of reference. We don’t only act according the standards and values of this system. We ourselves have been disappeared into this life absorbing black hole, as a logical consequence of the denial of our existence as a whole. When it is about truth our focus lies on the outside world, and we automatically adjust our mind and body to an objective attitude. This means we separate the two. The actions that follow come from this restricted way of looking at life. We do not feel what really is going on here & now. We create a specific state of consciousness and the appearance of this state manifests into the world.  Our head with the logical analytic brain works separately from other parts such as the functions of the right hemisphere, the deeper subcortical areas and bodily sensations.  When life itself does not fit into data that are scientifically proven, we want to mold life into this created system. This is the world upside down. We only believe things that are proven to be true by scientists from another place, another time. With scientific products which are created to extent left hemisphere functions, we can measure certain states of a human being when we feed these machines with physical expressions or with data from questionnaire replies. We rely on numbers coming from these computers and are happy when the outcomes are positive and unhappy when the outcomes are negative; or in case of pathology the other way around. When we want to search for the truth, other senses than the eyes and ears are less important. Thereby, we deny even the possibility that we may have senses we are (still) not aware of. Meanwhile we are estranged from our prenatal energies of (self)confidence, connectedness, calmness, caring, creativity, curiosity, clarity and courage for instance to question for ourselves the truth that has been given. We are conditioned to concentrate on the outside world and to perceive only through the ordinary senses. Our prenatal unconditional willing to love has become a conditional character. This kind of love is connected to the material level, so very superficial. We are unaware that these numerous I – IT relationships are depleting our natural being. They represent the objective attitude with the denial of our subjectivity as the logical consequence of this mindset. But we are also subjects. We feel things in our guts. Feelings are meaningful. But we have learned not to take other information than intelligence thinking of the logical analytic brain very seriously. However, when we do not take our own feelings, intuition and instincts as important information here and now, we will not survive! This because when these older wisdoms of our wholeness are disconnected from our awareness, the energies become lost souls who seek for a house to live in. They connect with weak parts and become out of control. And this is exactly what is going on all over the world. Parts with great anger and fear have taken over from human beings as a whole. More and more young people are being held hostage which means they are deprived of unconditional love.   

Inspire Latin: ‘īnspīrāre ‘ is already present from conception.
The task of life is to discover your true nature. The Self manifests itself in ‘wholeness’. With healing as a starting point, the problem (something you don’t want to have nor be) is not the most important thing, but your original intention is. This means yes, yes, yes…. It’s the fire that is fueling your engine. A spiritual force that inspires you to be, to grow, to develop and function from the moment of your being as a fertilized egg. This spirit that is shapeless and has nothing/something of substance is also the postnatal motivation to grow and develop further as a human being. During our practical work, healing is the underlying idea. Together with the ST co-researcher, you as a self-researcher are engaged in the process that has been started. The positive intention is to become aware of parts and release them from burdens from the past in order to restore their freedom. Relieved parts will love you as faithful servants. Instead of causing inner conflicts, parts transform into one great creative power. With at least the desire to create a more open attitude you automatically will create space. Parts can get through and come into the light. The process itself here & now is spiraling upwards. This means natural development from inside to outside.  In fact the only way of unfolding your true wholeness is going on. 

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