I want to emancipate!


   and I think most human beings want this for themselves. First, I want to make clear that for me this word is not so much a state of being. It is more subtle vitality that is going into a direction that follows the nature of its being, free from old frames of reference.

To emancipate comes from Latin ‘emancipare’ and means: ‘to declare a son free and independent of the father’s power’. Yes, in those days only men were mentioned when it was about human beings in general. Fact is that men have written history for ages. During the evolution men began to explore the world. Nowadays history in school is about the greatest conquerors. They are mentioned in a certain way. Mostly good because the history of the own country is involved. But what is good and what is bad I ask myself. And moreover: 
“What is real and what is the truth?” 

Not only what people actually have done, but also and above all what has been told about their actions, and how the stories are told further over the years create spheres and attitudes. These fleeting energies (spirits) integrate and assimilate into larger qi 气 (vital energy). History, told and untold, becomes part of the culture. All these vitalities are formless but a sensible person can sense them. Especially when you come from another country, the felt sense will notice the difference. The influence works also vice versa. The qi of spheres, attitudes and the manifestations in the culture resonate with the qi 气 of people and changes the expressions such as art and the language they use. Expression is the projection of intentional spiritual qi 气 of the inside world into the outside world. 

Because of the plasticity of the brain information and energy make traces. Actually this qi 气 affects the whole nerve system. For centuries, all over the world men have had the greatest influence in societies. They were in control. This is not at all an indictment! I mention this fact to point out that ideas of people who are in charge, (nowadays we would call them winners) have been applied over the years. Theirs (and not other ideas) have shaped not only the visible material. Also, the immaterial world of formless qi 气 has been transformed into a certain existence. We can call it paternal. The qi 气 of our thinking and actions within the cultural and family frames of references form not only brain traces. The fine qi 气 of thoughts simultaneously influences body functions that create more dense qi 气 such as emotions, sensations and impulses. Also, the level of the most dense form namely the physical body is affected at the same time. For instance, the contractile organs called musculus, (Latin word for little muscles).

“Why is this knowledge important to know?”
Because it brings hope for the future, that information and energies that not have been heard and felt, or heard and felt but not have been taken serious up till now, can help us change into more natural human beings. Shifting accents with the intention to bring balance between the internal forces that are operating here & now, will make a world of difference. We can actually move forward and create together a more peaceful culture.  A very healthy product of human being’s nature. 

Body, energy, mind and spirit are oneness. But it is also true that we are part of a greater oneness. This formless very even and fine qi 气 does not occupy space and at the same time it is everywhere around us and within. It is an infinite source. Because qi 气 of our brain and nerve system called Yi Yuan Ti 意元体 is as fine as this primeval Hunyuan Qi 混元气 of the universe there is hope for the future! Everybody can decide to refine his or her consciousness by bringing the conscious mind home and then connect and melt with Hunyuan Qi 混元气 of the universe. The result of this mindfulness is a very pure state of being. Zen. Babies are in it all the time but their conscious mind is not yet awakened. This inward approach is a resort, but for most adults this core is not easy to find. In the process of life they have lost this being with the essence of the Self. Mainly using the outward seeking approach and copying from the outside to the inside people build up character to become the person that they are. In the process of life the pure Self gets identified with the acquired person and then it deeply believes it is this limited entity. That is why it is important that we open ourselves again for our true Self which is much bigger. Because of the connection with the universal qi 气, the Self has infinite possibilities. But unfortunately many people do not even know what I am talking about here. Nevertheless I am very determined and go on with explaining why everything is as it is. The reason why I do this is very self-centered. I want to emancipate from old frames of references but I am still being held hostage and unfree. This is because the rigid boundaries are part of the contemporary culture, so much much bigger than me.  

During the evolution qi 气 of our minds have become very distorted. Most of the time we are living within survival modes which are lower levels of consciousness. Human beings in general are estranged from their inner selves. Being calm and with confidence in something bigger than the acquired person is not a common vision. We lose most of our vitality through the eyes and connect with the 3 dimensional material level of the outside world. Qi 气 naturally goes where our attention is and fixes there. So we give most of our vitality to things or other people. Even in dreams which have form but no substance, old fixations are repeating themselves over and over again. We have become restless. But it is impossible to become calm and quiet by telling oneself in the imperative ‘be calm and quiet’. It does not work this way.

Zhineng Qigong does not focus on stillness. The concentration and focus goes into simple, round, soft movements the practitioner has initiated him/herself. Everybody can do it. Young, old, healthy or ill. It is a very lively discipline, this working with your own body, qi and mind as a oneness. Connected with the most pure qi 气 of the matrix it brings automatically joy into your life. It has a promise in itself. With Zhineng Qigong we create oneness of human being, heaven(ly qi气 ), earth(ly qi气 ) , space and time. Practicing regularly will strengthen inner powers of prenatal energies and bring a deeper understanding of the wholeness here & now and the true nature of our being.

For me the verb ‘emancipate’ expresses a process of freeing from parental powers that oppress and restrain my natural being here and now. Influences that are passed down from generation to generation included. I wanted to emancipate (and still do) but somehow it did not get off the ground. There was something stronger than the formless spirit that fires my motor and fuels my motivation to unfold, but what was it? I wanted to get to know these powers that restrain my self-realization.

During my research I have noticed that people believe many things. They have very strong convictions, but other parts of them express the opposite of what they believe and think. Apparently, people communicate while different parts (subpersonalities or selves) are in charge at the same time. The verbal expression is often in contradiction with the non-verbal body language.  Or the expressions change over time. One moment or longer the person is happy and suddenly, without any particular reason, a depression follows.  Sometimes the person does not know about certain parts. He/she has strong parts who are in charge. These rigid entities do not allow other parts to emerge, but they do when the person is weak. Then even more suppressing actions follow. Over the years this becomes a subconscious pattern. The person is unaware of these underlying special kind of qi 气  movements which are controlling his/her life. 

“Why do I know this?”
Because I wanted to learn about my Self and became acquainted with all kinds of different selves. They all belong to my inner family. For instance the binger. I do not want to binge food. “Why am I doing this over and over again?”, I asked myself.  I have critical parts. They look down on parts which cannot control themselves. I can feel where they are in my body. Another part regrets what I do and feels guilty. This creates an awful feeling which I do not want to feel. And it is silly…. The latter is patronizing a shameful part. Generally we think of a linear pattern, first this and then that, but habits do consist of parts which live like a family all together within a system. Some of the members express themselves at the same time. Very overwhelming. When this happens I cannot speak for myself anymore. I really know what I am talking about here, because I have become very conscious about my inner communication. 

Yes, just like everybody I have different selves. And when some selves are in conflict with other selves my inner communication is not very healthy. Over the years these warring states had caused an unhealthy inner organization. Chaotic and distorted. How these inner conflicts materialize differs from person to person. Some have physical complaints or even serious diseases of the organs. In other cases, the expressions of the inner world have been categorized and recorded by medical doctors in the voluminous DSM5, the latest diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.  When a specific pattern of behavior matches with one of the disorders that is specified in DSM, the person in question can be diagnosed. He/she is officially mentally ill. But with this fixed information, transformation to a higher state of consciousness becomes extremely difficult to achieve, if not impossible. And this is exactly the situation we have created! The strong convictions in fixity of mechanisms of personality (dis)orders has been firmly anchored in our society. And with this technocratic vision on human beings people really cannot change into a healthier state. But it is the self-fulfilling prophecy that is working here. It is a law of nature. 

We give power to experts to label observable behavior. This labeling of expressions fixes the detected demeanor. It becomes an important enclosed truth about somebody. It is intentional clustered information and energy that goes into deeper layers of the wholeness. The natural result of this highlighting is that the stressed parts cannot integrate in the wholeness of the human being, nor dissipate naturally into the wholeness of the universe during the course of life. In order to survive, we human beings have to anticipate on the worlds we are living in. But when  children are born in a culture where this categorizing into a certain system is common, while simultaneously there is complete ignorance about the dehumanizing impact of this mighty medical system, these children are disowned and restrained from developing into healthy human beings. Fortunately there is hope. We human beings are not only physical bodies and energy. From the moment of conception we are spirit embodied structure.  Each of us has an inner fire and life intention. It is the essence of ourselves. Yes, our true nature is divine.

For the good of human being’s nature, let me explain further: 
During the evolution our conscious mind has evolved to an awareness that is particular focused on the outside world. At school the judging analytic brain that resides mostly in the left hemisphere is stressed. This attitude and behavior towards children, comes from an old adoption of the Cartesian view. Cogito ergo sum. ‘I think so I am’. Within this philosophical concept the superior mind acts separate from the inferior corporeal body. With this idea we have learned to make a split between the head and the body. By doing so it becomes reality. Looking at the outside world we do not care about the information of the body. We neglect it. When we do care it is only when the body screams because it is suffering. The pain gets our attention. It means that it is not working according to scientific norms that are the benchmark for quality. The body is an object that has to work according to scientific evidence. The I stands like a scientist above the body which is an IT composed of many parts. The I sees what’s going on in the area that has triggered the attention. It is something that we (human beings in general agree about this) do not want. We have to get rid of it.

With all this we have adopted a technocratic or mechanical view towards life itself. The practice-based evidence, the oneness with here & now, is not at stake. The reality of daily life has to fit into the theories that have been written earlier on another place by other very important people. This way of living is a kind of thinking and doing that estranges us from our own nature.

Human beings are creators. It is in our nature to create. But when we take our own creations as basic principles for life itself, we diminish human being’s nature. It is the world upside down.    

Modern science believes only the objective truth. As for nature: It does not matter what and how we live and think. What and how we live and think shapes our existence as a whole. When we stay within the same frame of reference of our forefathers, the outcome of our research will confirm what has been thought earlier before. Because of the closed nature of this system, it even tightens the boarders from within.  This is because human beings want to improve and upgrade what already exists in their minds. Nowadays the constrictions not only come from the outside and from the past but even harder from within the system itself here & now.

I agree with the statement of Alfred Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. 

Over the ages we are estranged from ourselves because we unconsciously oppress the given information and energy from other parts than the rational brain. With our strong believe in best practices that are scientifically proven, we have completely forsaken our true nature. We live according to the products of science. These are our frames of references. The support of artificial intelligence fixes even more. We rely on computers to get information about our bodies. All has been translated into data. Very numerically. 

With the adoption of making a split between body and mind we have become highly fragmented. This fragmentation is not always obvious, but when it is, people do not accept this as normal. We look at it as something pathologic in a human being. It has to be cured by experts in a special area. To find which area the patient has to go for healing, other independent experts observe the patterns and compartmentalization. When these fit to a certain category of physical disease or mental disorder the diagnose can be made. Most people want to get a diagnose because of their believe this is the only way to be cured from a disease. But this does not mean healing at all!

Fragmentation of our being is a natural result of our way of living during the ages. Through the products of science this fragmentation has accumulated. Children are born in a very complex world. They adjust and copy what comes on their path. This is called fate. When they are adults, they improve what they have learned from former generations. “Is life getting more complexed and distorted?”

I think we can handle complexity. What we cannot handle is to fulfil the mission of living and working within a frame of reference that says that the world is quite simple. Everything will be good when people follow certain standards, procedures and rules given by superior or other important people. Apart from the myriad of beings who believe they have the best standards, this kind of human and world view gives a picture of an ideal but is in fact very negative about human being’s true nature. It starts with judging certain parts as superior and others as inferior. In daily life we experience and feel certain energies in our bodies. They give us information about the world we are living in. But this kind of truth we often have to deny. When we actually do this the information will eventually withdraw because our body values economy of effort. This is why most people are no longer aware of certain important information. It is their inner truth they are estranged from. 

Applied science for instance uses the Manichaean principle that it is impossible that something can be true and at the same time cannot be true. With this dualistic principle we have to choose: It is yes or no; good or bad; it is, or it is not. But in real life two opposite poles exist together. In fact, without the positive there is no negative. They are of equal importance, but not similar parts of a wholeness. The yang and yin are inseparable. They depend on each other and are complimentary. But in the west we mostly stress the dualistic features of dualities.

Fighting with each other and being rivals is how we have organized our society. This kind of fighting is an artificial construct. Even non-for-profit organizations such as schools and hospitals were forced to adopt this competing principal. Their raison d’être is all based on technical, mathematical and accounting aspects. But the general adage ‘best rates with less costs’ is a bromide. It is all about magnitudes ‘best schools’ , ‘best medical centers’, not about human beings who want to work with their hearts as a professional. Teachers with students, doctors, nurses, caretakers with their patients are involved in asymmetric relations because of the temporary dependency of one side of the two poles. But both are being held hostage within a system that ‘thinks’ of producers and consumers. It is even more complicated. The students for instance have to produce randomly and on fixed times what has been consumed in the past. Because of the competitive position relative to other schools national and international, the children are tested repeatedly before the real tests. No school wants to be on the lower part of the rating list. The performance of children is also compared between economies. Governments will increase pressure when performance of the children are dropping down. 

Being the best has become a rigid virtue. Our minds have been brainwashed with a certain kind of thinking. It even starts at kindergarten. Literally we are forced to compare ourselves constantly with others. We like or dislike. This is very mathematic, absolute and relatively. Because of this, the sentence ‘not good enough’ is repeating itself in our heads. Nowadays it is big business to offer the service how to upgrade the rates even to very young children. Identified or self-proclaimed experts tell the ones who are identified as not good enough what to do to become better than they are, according to the rates that were given to them. But in reality rulers do not want the losers to win at all! Friedrich Nietzsche speaks about the relation between masters and slaves.  Both are trapped in the same manner: the slave morality. Within these asymmetric relations every person stays in lower levels of consciousness. Nobody can emancipate and thus develop into a higher state of being.  

We have consolidated and strengthened a dualistic asymmetric viewpoint between two. First we deny the asymmetric position by telling the dependent part that he/she is self responsible for his/her position. The person only can come out of it, when he/she obeys the rules of the ruling system. When he/she refuses to live according to the given model, it is his/her own fault that life is not good. But when the yang part is demanding that the yin part must act according the yang part’s features and function something is horribly wrong! With this patronizing attitude of one part of equals, all stays as it is and nothing changes within the wholeness. Nobody can live freely. Everybody has to survive. Also the one who is patronizing the other is trapped in a destructive system of slave morality.   

The true Self of a human being cannot lead with heart energy when a few lower selves are constantly stressed by natural forces of fear and anger which help the person to survive. Without heart energy of the true leader the lower selves are getting stronger and stronger and other natural forces diminish. This contemporary overall lacking in balance in the wholeness is depleting our nature. We become weaker and weaker. 

But there is hope for the future! As I have said before: we really can come out of the rigid system and emancipate. But certainly not with a fighting attitude towards other human beings. We have to start with ourselves and meditate. We have to strengthen our bodies with body work and refining consciousness through consciousness. It is quite simple and it is also difficult. And and. But Zhineng Qigong can help with the difficult part and make it easy.   

About me:
The idea that antagonists (yang/yin) cannot exist together at the same time had driven me away from myself. In my childhood the adults gave me a simple view about life. This with the best intentions, I am sure. It was their adapted survival mode to think mainly in standards and opposites. They told me about good or bad, yes or no, what to do and what not, what exists and what not exists.  But even the latter was not what I have felt, seen and heard. For years I was very confused. I doubted my own perception of the world. At last, this agony came to an end when I learned about and experienced systemic work with processing personal traumas as their main theme. And since 2008 the unity of the science, the methods and practice of the meditative exercises Zhineng Qigong. These two knowledge areas are my resources and instruments. Both help me to emancipate.

My life is back on track because I use the knowledge and I bring the knowledge into practice consciously. When I move, my body and mind are more often one with the universe.  Giving time=living life. This shapes my wholeness into a more balanced and much healthier state. Furthermore, I have met my inner selves and I am very happy with them. They all have helped me to survive. None of them have to leave. But because I gave some too much responsibility and others I denied, the inner communication was not very healthy at the time. Prenatal energies as curiosity and the courage to accept them as they are have transformed my inner organization. I have learned to love each part of me. Even the ones that were aggressive. Instead of projecting vitality to the outside and back in, which was very destructive, their energies serve me now. All parts give me life energy. I can inspire and yet not losing energy. I induce vitality by being my true Self. This means the Self and heart energy is leading and one with the selves. This is the real meaning of healing.

This I want to pass on. Learning from life itself and emancipating serves not only human being’s nature but has also a positive influence on our planet. Why?  Because with this life intention we are creating a new culture in which learning about human being’s true nature also our understanding about nature in general increases. Human beings and their source mother earth will survive by purifying consciousness through consciousness. So let’s do it!